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Transcript of a short clip in which John Maynard Smith states that, because of their Marxist beliefs, neither he nor J.B.S. Haldane was initially willing to admit that genes might influence human behaviour

Based on the criteria that have been used to cancel other deceased luminaries, there is no reason to believe that Darwin is immune from cancellation

Evidence suggests that geographic and socio-economic factors may not be sufficient to explain non-white Britons’ elevated risk of death from COVID-19

One reason elite colleges focus on “diversity” is to distract attention from the fact that the students they admit are overwhelmingly from wealthy backgrounds

Considers the total number of life-years that could be lost to coronavirus disease in the UK, under different assumptions

This page lists quotes from various scholars concerning how we should deal with the fact that individuals and populations differ from one another genetically

Analyses the reasoning employed by Judge James Tayler in his judgement on the claim brought by Maya Forstater against her former employer

Responds to arguments in a recent blog post by Ewan Birney, Jennifer Raff, Adam Rutherford and Aylwyn Scally

This page lists all recent petitions and open letters targeting individual academics or small groups of scholars

Noah Carl

Independent researcher

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